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Ester KanawayVisaya

Licensee Salesperson

Your home and investments are your biggest financial assets. 

For this reason, Ester takes listing your home and investments with the utmost trust and care it requires.

Working with Ester you can rest assured that she will work diligently at every stage of the process to ensure you get a maximum return for your asset, and, her loyalty is to you. 

She does this in a way where she has your best interests at heart, and her warmth and friendly nature makes sure all your buyers feel at home and are well supported in their due diligence process to be confident buyers for your property. 

Ester is an experienced Marketer, having led the marketing teams in some of New Zealand’s Blue-Chip organisations such as Air New Zealand and Fisher & Paykel Finance, before moving to New York and London to work with emerging technologies.

As a specialist in marketing and in particular digital marketing Ester will ensure you have a strong marketing campaign for your property and at the same time give you access to additional buyers in the expat market returning home to New Zealand.

Passionate about the water, beach and sea views, Ester is looking forward to supporting your next steps in your property journey. 

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